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Adding sounds in Film has always been a tedious time consuming task. 

Now - using unique (proprietary) Soundboards to add Foley Sound Effects in videos has never been more fun!

Markers and Timeline

Dynamic UI - based on sliding panels approach

iPhone X iMages.003.png

Swords Soundboard: Implement Various Sword swishes, Impacts, and scraping sounds

Customize and nest video display position and size

Skip the learning curve

With interfaces that look like video games, adding sounds to film has never been more fun

Fight Soundboard

iPhone X iMages.005.png

Ease of use

With dynamic tooltips (available in 5 languages) you will simply skip the learning curve and go straight into productivity

iPhone X iMages.006.png

Localized tooltips in every screen

3rd Party Plugins

Enhance your mix with any Audio Unit standard plugins, you have a whole set from Apple already installed don your iPhone 

Blamesoft Zero Chorus plugin on an audio track

Rainstorm Soundboard

iPhone X iMages.002.png

SoundBroad library 

Find any sound you need inside our online store, and simply mix it into your composition, all on your iPhone! 

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In-app sound pack store


Pin point your samples to the correct frame, trim, fade, duplicate and user other tools to polish your video soundtrack

Soundrange editor interface

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Sound In Motion Light!
Do sound like a pro, only faster and easier

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