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Sound in Motion makes it easy for anyone to add sound to their videos

We are proud to introduce the first Digital Audio Workstation dedicated for Video sound on iOS.

Sound in Motion is a startup company registered in Israel, founded by Amir Harel and Vladimir Hotyakov and Yoav Sarig. 

Sound In Motion holds a US patent for the company's core invention (US 9343053).

Amir Harel (CEO);

Co-Founder of Sound In Motion, experienced in digital audio engineering, software design and product management. Amir is responsible for general administration, product design and business development. 

Vladimir Hotyakov (CTO);

Co-Founder of Sound In Motion, Software engineer, proficient in C, C++, Objective-C and Java. with over 4 years of experience in leading development on successful mobile apps. Vladimir is responsible for software development, project planing, quality assurance and IT. 

Yoav Sarig (Senior sound advisor);

With over 30 years of experience as a sound engineer, Foley artist and entrepreneur,Yoav has worked as a Head of sound department on feature films and in other various sound roles. Yoav manages SoundHouse Studios in Tel Aviv and is a senior partner in a music distribution company called Miles Of Music.Yoav is responsible for original high quality audio content for the company’s products, and is also an advisor to the management team. 


Konstantin Medynskyi (iOS Developer);
iOS developer since 2012, Developing independently and in small group, also as lead.
Kinds of iOS apps: sound editing, client-server apps, personal/family finance, RSS-feed, children educational, multimedia books, image editing, bluetooth communication, TODO list, framework, C++ audio streamer library both for iOS and OSX, etc.
Porting AAF SDK to iOS.
App and database architecting.


Denys Tukalenko (Backend and Web developer);
PHP (Yii, Symfony2, Symfony Components, Laravel), JS (jquery, plain js, Vue, Angular, Angular2+), RedHat administration, Ubuntu, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Scrum & Kanban methodologies, UML, setting goals, monitoring and control, con icts management etc

Vision & Strategy


Our long term strategy is to be a significant player in the new generation of Digital Audio Workstations. 
In order to achieve this goal we are putting the emphasis on our technological & functional advantages, utilizing touchscreen computers for professional audio processing work.


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